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    A fantastic range of birthday cards - one for each month of the year.

    Each card details the birthstone and flower of the month. The cards are

    beautifully illustrated with each of the flowers and enhanced with glitter

    highlights. The inside of the cards display interesting facts about the flowers

    and the birthstone, together with a birthday greeting. 

    Envelope Colour - White

    Message Inside -

    Morning Glory

    (patience, love and affection)

    About the Morning Glory

    Most Morning Glory flowers unravel in to full bloom in the early morning.

    The flowers usually start to fade a few hours before the petals

    start showing visible curling. They prefer full sunshine throughout the

    day and mesic soils. Some Morning Glories, such as

    Ipomoea Muricata, are night-blooming flowers.

    Growing Morning Glory

    Grow Morning Glories in a sunny site and plant in

    moderately fertile, well drained soil.

    Choose a site that's sheltered from cold or drying winds.

    Sow Morning Glory seeds late in Spring or Early Summer, once the

    ground has warmed to about 64°F  (18° C). Germination rates are

    improved by filing down the the seeds just enough to break the coat,

    then soaking them for 24 hours before planting. This encourages 

    them to send out a root. (They look like little worms.)

    Cover lightly with 1/4 inch of soil.

    Space about 6 inches apart. Water thoroughly at planting.


    (Birthstone of September)

    The best-known Sapphires are the rich blue variety,

    but they actually come in every colour of the rainbow

    The word sapphire comes from the Latin "sapphiru" which means blue.

    Birthday wishes are sent to you,

     hoping today is special in 

    everything you do.

    Happy Birthday

    Card Size - H 230 mm x W 125 mm or H 9.05 x W 4.92 Inches Approx

    Standard Letter Rate

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