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A fantastic range of birthday cards - one for each month of the year.

Each card details the birthstone and flower of the month. The cards are

beautifully illustrated with each of the flowers and enhanced with foil

highlights. The inside of the cards display interesting facts about the flowers

and the birthstone, together with a birthday greeting. 

Envelope Colour - White

Message Inside -

The Daffodil

(respect, regard and friendship)

About the Daffodil

Daffodils are recurring flowers with at least 50 species and many hybrids.

Where climate is moderate, Daffodils flourish 

among the first Spring buds. Daffodils are mainly native to

the Mediterranean region, in particular to the Iberian Peninsula,

as well as Northern Africa and the Middle East.

All Daffodils have a corona in the centre that looks like a trumpet 

surrounding by a ring. The standard Daffodil is coloured golden yellow

all over, while the trumpet may often appear in a contrasting colour.

Growing Daffodils

Daffodils grow perennially from bulbs. Choose a well-drained, sunny

place with a slightly acidic soil. Plant your Daffodils so that their top

(pointed end) is at least two times as deep as the bulb is high 

( top of a 2" bulb is 4" deep). Daffodils need lots of water 

while they are growing. After blooming, never cut the foliage

until it begins to turn yellow (usually late May or June).

Like most perennials, Daffodils will do well about 1 inch of water per 

week while they are actively growing and blooming- from March to May.


(Birthstone of March)

The seawater colour of Aquamarine has given this gemstone its name.

Aquamarine also the Wedding Anniversary 

gemstone for the 19th year of marriage.

Birthday wishes are sent to you, 

hoping today is special 

in everything you do.

Happy Birthday

Card Size - H 230 mm x W 125 mm or H 9.05 x W 5.00 Inches Approx

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